Psilocybin Facilitator Opportunity for Veterans

Dec 26, 2022

Uphold Our Troops

I firmly believe Maya Angelou’s quote, “When you know better, do better.” We need to act NOW to care for our veterans who have given everything for the freedoms that we enjoy as citizens of our country. The statistics for veteran suicide is more than disturbing. We have lost more than 7000 soldiers in military operations in the past twenty years. We have lost more than 30,000 veterans to suicide in the past twenty years. This is unconscionable. We MUST do something!

Psilocybin has proven benefits for people suffering from PTSD and depression.

Clinical Cognitive has a curriculum with a special focus on military PTSD.

If a veteran would like to become a certified psilocybin facilitator, the veteran may apply for scholarship assistance from Uphold Our Troops, designed to support veterans’ healing with psychedelics.  Uphold Our Troops is in the process of acquiring non-profit status and will be holding fund raising along with grant applications for funding. We’ll keep you posted on its status.

I am grateful for the Uphold Our Troop  board, led by Mary Cronkhite-Johns, a Navy veteran who has served in military operations globally and to Bobbi Kline, MD, an Army veteran who understand the needs of veterans and other first responders.


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