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Our training center exists to help students find their place in the emerging space of psychedelics; to help people find healing and restoration in a clinically focused, culturally respectful, and ethically responsible way.

A major motivation for our involvement with psilocybin is the appalling statistics about our country's veterans. We know we can do better by them and partner with UpHold Our Troops in an effort to be part of the solution. Visit our page for more information and learn how you, too, can help.

Meet Our Staff and Board Members

We strive to be the best psilocybin facilitator training center in Oregon. Our curriculum is respectful of ancient cultures and traditions while embracing leading psychological support methods. CCFT's mission is to match clients seeking psilocybin therapy with skilled, ethical, and compassionate facilitators who will support them on their healing journey.

Meet Mary, Founder and Executive Director 

Mary Nielsen is the entrepreneurial founder of Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training. Mary is the Executive Director and founder of Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics Institute (www.spectrumlasertraining.com), the OG of Fearless Beauties (www.fearlessbeauties.org) and an author of several textbooks. She believes in the empowerment found in education and in supporting complementary methods for enacting the highest level of healing, including psychedelic facilitator training.

Mary serves on the Advisory Board for Private Career Schools in Oregon.

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Meet Selisha, Lead Educator

Selisha Abbas has worked in education and curriculum development for 12+ years. She is an accidental psychonaut, microdose mentor, certified advanced esthetician, a certified phlebotomist, licensed psilocybin educator and lover of all things beauty. She can take complex curriculum and break it into digestible learning concepts for students. She is dedicated to our students' success in the facilitator training program and emerging psychedelic industry. Her beliefs and lived experiences in the power of plant-based medicines contributes to her vision of our program development, program goals and adds strength to our psilocybin facilitator training program. She believes in a growth mindset and is always learning new information and educating herself in psychedelics, to pass this knowledge on to our students and alumni. 

Meet Mandy, Lead Educator

Mandy Isaacs has served for four years as a Student Services Coordinator and licensed instructor at Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics Institute. She’s undergone advanced training in trauma-informed care and mental health first aid.  Mandy’s experience with counseling and coaching hundreds of students has prepared her well to teach the skills for interviewing and readying potential clients, managing the client's psilocybin experience, and skillfully navigating a challenging journey. Mandy brings a keen and discerning outlook to the psilocybin therapy educational program. 

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Meet Curt,  Educator

Curt Erickson has years and years of emergency response training as an EMT and then as a 911 Dispatch Supervisor. He retired from government work and taught CPR and First Aid classes. He joins this team with an enthusiasm for connecting with people and love of teaching. 

In his spare time, Curt owns Northwest Motorcycle School and would love to teach you to ride! He is also an accomplished musician and plays the bass. 

Meet Becky, Board Member

Becky Cronkhite-Johns works as a mental health professional in an adult corrections treatment program. She provides specialized mental health counseling to adults demonstrating emotional trauma, cognitive and/or behavioral disorders. Becky maintains unit leadership and assists the supervising psychologist in the management of treatment programs. Her involvement ensures we are clinically focused.

Meet Bobbi, Board Member

Bobbi Kline is a licensed physician and a veteran who has decades of practicing medicine. Her skill set includes holistic health, intuitive coaching, Ob-Gyn, Functional Medicine, Functional Genomics, Energy and Mind-Body Medicine, Human Design and Astrology. She has extensive experience creating courses for healthcare practitioners, which teach integrative approaches to the overall health of the mind, body and soul. https://www.bobbiklinemd.com

Meet Francine, Board Member

Francine Raften is a marketing professional who has been instrumental in the growth of the cannabis industry after its launch in Washington. She has contributed to the expansion of several organizations in multiple locations. Francine's presence provides us with the highest level of accuracy in the ever-changing world of psilocybin medicine.

Meet Terry, Board Member

Terry Phillip is a corporate director. Born in Grenada, Terry grew up in Trinidad-Tobago and is a strong and passionate advocate for complementary forms of healing. His involvement ensures that we are culturally respectful.

Meet Darlyn, Board Member

Darlyn Rodriguez is a corporate attorney with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. She is a participant in the Women of Color Development Program, former Communications Lead for Microsoft’s Hispanic/Latinx ERG and former Lead for HOLA CELA, the Hispanic/Latinx Employee Network. Her involvement helps us to remain ethically responsible.

Meet Some of Our Partners

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